Best moving experience

Shawn and Tina Couch from Tallahassee, FL – 06/16/2012 18:31:25


Was planning my move to my new house and my wife gave me a flier for Pinky’s Moving Service. I contacted Pinky’s Moving Service and they came out to give me a quote on the move personally, the price was right and at least 50% cheaper than other moving services, so we shock hands and signed the agreement. On the day of the move, the crew showed up  and before anything had began we all said a prayer together for all our blessings and then it was on to the job of moving, his employees are very diligent, professional, well organized, personable and most very efficient with the task at hand. I would highly recommend Pinky s Moving Service for your needs when it comes to your families moving hassles because they take the biggest worry off your shoulders and places it on his to help eleviate the headache of the transition that comes with moving.